Pittsburgh Steelers Drafting Jalen Hurts In 2nd Round?

Pittsburgh Steelers Drafting Jalen Hurts In 2nd Round?

Pittsburgh Steelers Drafting Jalen Hurts In 2nd Round?

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft is a very real possibility.

Hurts, a former star from Alabama and Oklahoma, is one of the more fascinating seniors looking to make the jump to the NFL.

Although his leadership and intangibles have never been questioned, most scouts agree that there are limitations to his general quarterbacking talent. Things like arm strength, vision, etc.

All that being said, some believe he is going to be stud. Among them is NFL insider Jay Glazer, who sung Hurts’ praises just a week ago.

“I personally think Jalen Hurts will be an absolute stud on the next level,” he said.

“Has that dynamic ‘it’ factor, he’ll outwork the world, lead others to be better, think he’ll work hard to improve, I’m a believer same way I was on Watson, Wentz and Jackson.”

Hurts finished his last season with Oklahoma with 3,851 passing yards and 1,298 rushing yards – confirming that he was in fact the dual threat many saw him as.

Recently, Jordan Reid of The Draft Network was asked where he envisioned Hurts landing in April’s draft.

According to Reid, the Steelers are a very legitimate option for all involved.

“2nd-Round,” he tweeted out.

“Defensive minded head coaches will love him because he’s safe and doesn’t turn the ball over + leadership. I’ve always liked his fit on the Steelers.”

The NFL Draft is scheduled for Thursday, April 23. Once it begins, everyone will get a clearer idea of where Hurts could realistically wind up when everything is said and done.

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