Philip Rivers Altercation From Chargers vs Chiefs Goes Viral

Philip Rivers Altercation From Chargers vs Chiefs Goes Viral

Philip Rivers Altercation From Chargers vs Chiefs Goes Viral

A Philip Rivers altercation from Chargers vs Chiefs went viral on Sunday.

Early in the outing Rivers and Kansas City defensive lineman Chris Jones got into it.

Rivers apparently took exception to Jones’ method of taking him down to the ground.

In Rivers’ opinion, Jones rolled over his legs in a manner he did not appreciate.

As a result, the pair had a not-so-friendly exchange.

Who was right and who was wrong in this encounter? That is up to each individual fan to decide on their own.

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  1. He took rivers down pretty easy could have just hit him hard and said the hell with it. Rivers was mad cause he is old and contract is up.

    1. His leg did get twisted so I understand. You clearly have never gotten tackled and got your leg twisted awkwardly lol. I’m a chiefs fan too.

  2. Phillip Rivers is a winning little girl and deserves no respect from any living being on the planet. Why don’t you complain about your front line not defending you?!

  3. My Facebook comment immediately after: “No favorites today right refs. Rivers should have been ejected punching the Chief tackling him first possession.”… Rivers always whines like a primadonna every time a defender gets near him. I’m not a Chargers fan, root for anybody playing them simply because whiney baby Rivers….. I think the Drew Brees the best thing ever happened for Drew Brees and I’m no Saints fan either.

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