PC gamers are going to get Xbox’s subscription service pass to access over 100 games

Microsoft has decided to give Xbox Game pass subscription services to PC. Phil Spencer, the chief of Microsoft, said that this is a chance for PC gamers to access 100 plus games. PC gamers will have the platform for 100 games at Windows and will get the opportunity to play the title on the day of its release. There will be a 1-month free subscription. Microsoft is looking forward to bring Win32 games on the Microsoft platform.

As per the Xbox’s division head, the Xbox subscription service will be called as Xbox game pass. It will give access to 100 games to the subscriber. Games of popular developers like Bethesda, paradox interactive and SEGA will be accessible to PC gamers. Subscribers can play the latest released games from Xbox studios directly.

The goal is to create a library of different titles with different genres.  More than 75 developers are working with Microsoft to bring their games on Xbox game pass.

PC gamers will be given discounts on various services, which include a whopping 20% discount on games.  10% discount will be provided on DLC’S an add-on.  As for now, the subscription rates are not disclosed.  But at E3 2019, details will be shared about the subscription plan and other benefits.

Jennifer Withers Hoey

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