Paul Pierce Explains Why Kevin Durant Is Out Of GOAT Conversation

Paul Pierce Explains Why Kevin Durant Is Out Of GOAT Conversation

Paul Pierce is one of the most talented NBA players of his generation.

Unfortunately, because he only won one NBA championship, he has never ranked high on people’s all-time lists.

This week, Pierce explained why Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant was out of the GOAT conversation as far as he was concerned.

Interestingly enough – he used the same sort of logic that has often been used against him.

“I’ve been kinda disappointed in KD’s team success… He says why isn’t he mentioned in the GOAT conversation… if we put [Kevin Durant] at the same standard as we do Steph and LeBron, he just hasn’t met those requirements,” Pierce said.

NBA fans offered a bevy of reactions to Pierce’s take:

Pierce has never been one to bite his tongue.

Be it when he is talking about his nightclub stabbing or finally telling the truth about his bathroom fiasco, the Celtics legend always calls it how he sees it.

This particular instance was no exception.

Will Durant respond to Pierce publicly as he is known to do in times like this? Time will tell.

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