Paul George Names Toughest Defender In NBA

Paul George Names Toughest Defender In NBA

The topic of who the best defender in the NBA is has been subject to much conversation in recent days.

It all began with Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green coming out on a recent episode of the ‘Dubs Talk’ podcast and proclaiming himself the best defender ever.

“I think I’m the best defender to ever play this game,” he noted.

This prompted a response from ex-NBA star Tony Allen, who Kobe Bryant famously regarded as one of his toughest defenders.

That led to an inevitable exchange between the pair on Twitter.

On Thursday, Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George jumped into the mix and offered his thoughts on who the toughest defender in the NBA is.

In his estimation, it’s Milwaukee Bucks guard Jrue Holiday.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Holiday has gotten props from a superstar for his defensive acumen.

Kevin Durant’s glowing review of his skills speaks for itself.

So who is the real best defender in the NBA? It appears to be a matter of opinion that varies from player to player.

Green always makes headlines, whether it’s by proclaiming himself the greatest defender of all time, giving his honest opinion on Kyle Kuzma’s development, or calling out out-of-shape superstars – so him getting everyone riled up this week is hardly a surprise.

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