Paul George Has Harsh Words For Indiana Pacers

Paul George Has Harsh Words For Indiana Pacers

Paul George Has Harsh Words For Indiana Pacers

Paul George has some harsh words for the Indiana Pacers.

On Monday night George and the Los Angeles Clippers visited Indiana for a showdown against the Pacers.

Despite being loudly booed by the fans, Georgia put up 36 points, nine rebounds and five assists in a winning effort.

After the game, George was asked about the booing crowd and how it made him feel.

“That’s Indiana for you,” he replied.

“Someday I’ll do a tell all and tell the leading events of how I left Indiana,” George said.

“And I promise you, I’m not the one to boo. … I like being the villain. I’m here two nights out of the year. The people they should boo is here a lot longer than me.”

Obviously George is trying to suggest that Indiana’s front office is at fault for his divorce with the franchise, not him. He likely believes that the organization failed him and essentially forced his hand in demanding a trade.

Is that true?

Well, the truth is probably somewhere in-between. It is doubtful that the Pacers willingly chose to be bad when they had a talent like George on the roster. At the same time, it is difficult to blame a guy for not wanting to waste his career in a bad situation.

The real problem here is not George wanting out of Indiana or fans booing him – both parties acted well within their rights.

The problem is that NBA players who switch teams have developed a weird victim complex about the negative reactions their moves earn them.

Indiana fans aren’t wrong for being mad that their best player skipped town. That is their right as paying fans.

George should stop being so sensitive and realize that he got the better end of this whole ordeal, so putting up with a little bit of fan frustration is the least he can do.

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