Patriots Dynasty Officially Dead, Says Tony Romo

Patriots Dynasty Officially Dead, Says Tony Romo

Patriots Dynasty Officially Dead, Says Tony Romo

The Patriots dynasty is officially dead, says Tony Romo.

The Tennessee Titans handed New England a stunning 20-13 loss on Saturday night.

Even though everyone in the stadium knew that the road team’s entire offensive plan was simply to rush the ball down New England’s throat, the Patriots top-ranked defense seemed powerless from preventing the inevitable.

Following the outing, Romo made a bold prediction regarding the losing side: their dynasty was over.

According to Romo, this is the offseason where head coach Bill Belichick, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and quarterback Tom Brady all go their separate ways.

“It feels that way, and to me, it feels that you’re going to see the three of them [Brady, Belichick, and McDaniels] go separately,” Romo said.

McDaniels seems like the likeliest to go elsewhere this summer. He has multiple interviews lined up for various head coaching vacancies, and it odds are he will land at least one of those jobs.

Belichick has been unclear on his status, but if he does not retire, he will stay with New England to coach one more year.

Brady is the biggest question mark. He has been linked repeatedly in recent weeks with the LA Chargers, and neither he nor the Patriots have committed to one another for another season.

The only thing Brady has acknowledged publicly up to this point is that he does not plan on retiring.

“I would say [retirement is] pretty unlikely,” he said.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m not going to predict it. No one needs to make choices at this point. I love playing football. I love playing for this team.

“I’ve loved playing for this team for two decades and winning a lot of games. I don’t know what it looks like moving forward, so we’ll just take it day to day.”

Will Romo’s prediction ultimately prove to be correct? We will likely get an answer once and for all at some point in the next few weeks.

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Charles Kruger

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  1. I never liked Tony Romo he is a jackass that never could win a superbowl. He is a one sided jerk that never liked tb12 or the patriots. He is a jackass just like Jason Whitlock that is a fat pension that knows nothing at all

    1. Jim Nance is another doofuss. During the game he was adamant that on a given play the Pat’s came up short 1 yard for the first down. And it should have been 4th and 1. Evan as the replay showed the player getting the first down.

  2. Tony Romo should remember his days at Dallas which he never won a superbowl or even got close to it and learn from the best. All these losers like him now are very happy about not seeing the Pat’s in the superbowl but we will comeback.

  3. I dread – and mute as much as possible of -Tony’s commentary during games.
    He is not inside any one of these men’s heads so how about if we just wait and see what happens?
    The Patriots did not assume the name or role of “Dynasty”. The media coined that phrase. The Patriots never claimed to be perfect and the own their mistakes on -and off – the field.
    All of this made up drama is just annoying.

  4. Clearly four very bitter patriots fans chiming in above. It’s amazing how your fan base solely lives in the past, and cant go one sentence without mentioning super bowl wins that are history, while never acknowledging the current reality of the team.

  5. Romo speaks about Brady and the Pats with nothing but respect. He didn’t even say that the dynasty was over – this article just assumed that. He just said it feels like people might go separate ways.

    Why you people so salty?

  6. Romo has continually spoke highly of Brady, BB and the entire Pats organization. But now, because he believes the dynasty may be over, some here are being critical of him. Yes, Brady is the GOAT because of his many super bowl wins, but lets not forget it’s a team sport. And certainly Romo was also a very good QB having the 4th best QB rating of all time. He just never had a real good supporting cast except for the year of the non Dez catch. In fact, if not for that call Romo may have acquired his ring and Garrett may still be the Cowboys coach. And hopefully, Boston fans do remember a guy named Ted Williams. As a hitter, he was the GOAT, but no championships, because he never had a good supporting cast. Brady was awesome, but also lucky to be coached by BB, the coach that is probably the GOAT. My point is simply this, Pats fans have been so fortunate for many years and now that Romo thinks their dynasty may be over, he suddenly becomes both a lousy commentator and QB.

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