Patriots Demanding An Answer From Tom Brady?

Patriots Demanding An Answer From Tom Brady?

Patriots Demanding An Answer From Tom Brady?

Are the Patriots demanding an answer from Tom Brady regarding his future?

In less than two months, Brady will officially become an unrestricted free agent. With that, he will be able to go to any team he wants.

According to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, New England management will likely want an answer regarding his future before that happens.

Appearing on Get Up on Thursday, Schefter noted that Bill Belichick will want an answer from Brady on his 2020 status prior to March 16.

“I don’t believe the New England Patriots are waiting until March 16 to get an answer from Tom Brady,” he said.

“Last year, Rob Gronkowski wound up retiring in late March. I don’t know the conversations they did and didn’t have before, but New England missed the window on free-agent tight ends.

“So I don’t think they’re going to let Tom Brady go to free agency, all of a sudden, sign with Team X, and then on March 20, say ‘Well, what do we do at quarterback now?’ That’s not the way that organization operates.”

Brady has already been linked to the likes of the Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders.

Beyond that, he has also expressed absolutely no desire to return to the Patriots. That is not say he will not come back – just that he has shown no favoritism up to this point for the franchise that drafted him.

If Brady does ultimately decide to leave, the Patriots want to have ample opportunity to go out and find his replacement. From that standpoint, this ultimatum obviously makes a certain amount of sense.

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