Patriots Deliver Harsh Message To Tom Brady

Patriots Deliver Harsh Message To Tom Brady

There is no love lost between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

This dynamic was initially on display last season, when Patriots players couldn’t stop talking about how happy they were that Brady had left.

And then of course there were the coaches, who openly mocked Brady when he was having some midseason issues with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All in all, there is plenty of evidence that Brady and the Patriots were very happy to be getting divorced by the end of that relationship.

Another example of this emerged on Tuesday.

During a recent appearance on the Patriots Way of Life podcast, defensive tackle Byron Cowart, whose rookie campaign just so happened to be Brady’s last in New England, delivered a harsh message to his former teammate: don’t expect a warm welcome back.


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“We ain’t welcoming him, we just got to play him. There ain’t going to be no damn ceremony for him or nothing like that,” Cowart said.

“They might clap for him, but there’s not going to be no — bro, this is our opponent. Bro, what? We like to win.”

At the end of the day, the Patriots and their players can take whatever position they want.

That said, last year proved that Brady needed his old team far less than they needed him. And unlike Rob Gronkowski, who poured salt in New England’s wounds when the Bucs succeeded, Brady never went that route. He always showed his old squad respect.

At this point, it’d just be nice to see the Patriots reciprocate that regard – because it’s been sorely lacking over the past year and change.

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