Patrick Mahomes Sparks Outrage With George Zimmerman Take

Patrick Mahomes Sparks Outrage With George Zimmerman Take

Patrick Mahomes Sparks Outrage With George Zimmerman Take

Patrick Mahomes sparked controversy with his George Zimmerman take recently.

In the lead-up to Sunday’s AFC Conference showdown against the Tennessee Titans, a distraction has emerged for the home team.

Old tweets from Mahomes regarding Zummerman have gone viral.

According to, the Chiefs quarterback posted messages to social media discussing Zimmerman’s controversial shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman admitted to shooting the black teenager but claimed that he did so in self-defense.

A jury ultimately agreed, as he was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

“This case was an absolute horrible tragedy, however there was no criminal activity that occurred,” Mahomes reportedly tweeted at the time.

“No one knows what actually happens which is why he is not guilty but a crime could have occurred,” he continued.

In a different tweet, Mahomes apparently gave this bit of advice: “Stop resisting or assaulting a cop.”

Needless to say, the seven-year-old tweets struck a nerve with some online.

“I have a question,” one fan tweeted in response.

“Would I be wrong to stop rooting for Patrick Mahomes after I found out about his old tweets in which they look like he’s defending George Zimmerman?”

At this point, given how much time has passed since the tweets, it is unlikely that Mahomes will opt to address his old comments.

That being said, if the criticism surrounding these social media posts continues to build, he may end up having no choice.

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    1. You are so right and the most issue for me is the CODE Mahomes used. He stated “Stop Resisting”, this is the Code cops like to get on their body cam even when the person is not resisting and you can see that when regular citizens film and you hear the brothers and sisters say “I’m not resisting”. Comments made after shootings will state this with regularity I see it all the time. In my experience on WS use the phrase “Stop Resisting” most of the time they encounter Blacks. In my opinion, Mahomes is a homegrown racist.

    1. He was actually 18 at the time. Look, you have a half black kid in a racist white world trying to fit in. His momma’s white and so is his girlfriend, he’s texting his white teammate. I’ll bet he considers himself white. Give him a couple of years getting smacked in the face with the racism that here and he’ll realize that off the field he’s just another ni-g-r. He’s got a lot of wising up to do.

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