Pat Beverley, Paul George Take A Jab At Nikola Jokic

Pat Beverley, Paul George Take A Jab At Nikola Jokic

Pat Beverley, Paul George Take A Jab At Nikola Jokic

Patrick Beverley has never been one to bite his tongue. After the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Denver Nuggets 113-107 on Monday night, the outspoken guard stayed true to form and threw some jabs at the opposing squad’s center.

Speaking of Jokic, Beverley suggested that the big man likes to flop around a lot.

“Jokic presents the same type of, I don’t know, I wouldn’t say problems, but he presents the same thing Doncic presents, Luka presents, a lot of flailing,” he said.

“You know, puts a lot of pressure on the referees to make the right call. I think Zu did a hell of a job. He used all his six fouls, he did what he needed to do. Got one big dunk at the end. Big free throws at the end. We got a win. I think that’s the most important part.”

Paul George echoed that sentiment.

“It’s tough,” he said after Game 3.

“It’s just tough he gets those calls. He throws his body around. You know, it’s tough. Same thing Pat said. He puts the pressure on the refs. Some of those I don’t think are fouls, but he gets it. You know, you just tell Zu, he’s just got to continue to battle. He gets those calls, he gets them. Got to keep it going.”

When word of what the Clippers were saying about him got back to Jokic, the Nuggets big man offered a short and sweet reply.

Jokic finished Game 3 with 32 points, 12 rebounds, eight assists and a steal.

So far in this series, the 25-year-old is averaging 24.3 points, 11 rebounds, five assists and a block per game on nearly 53 percent shooting.

Whether his success is the byproduct of “flailing” or skill, Jokic’s results are objectively incredible thus far.

Unfortunately, the Nuggets now find themselves down 2-1 to the Clippers.

Game 4 between the Clippers and Nuggets is set to take place on Wednesday evening.

If Denver emerges victorious, this series could go in either direction. Should LA win, however, then them playing in the Western Conference Finals would suddenly become a foregone conclusion.

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