Paige Spiranac Talks About Men Focusing On Her Body (Video)

Paige Spiranac Talks About Men Focusing On Her Body (Video)

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac is one of the most popular social media personalities in all of sports.

With nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, she boasts the sort of audience and credibility that many in the golf community can only wish they had.

Recently Spiranac touched on something of a delicate topic: how her beauty and body play into her popularity, and whether she minds any of the attention that she gets.

“I’m young, I feel confident, I like to feel sexy,” she began. “And I think I have a nice chest. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

“So if you want to show off certain things, like, go for it. I just, I’ve never really thought that was an issue and, um, I do understand why I get these questions because my cleavage is always out. It’s out a little bit today, so, it’s not a bad thing.

“I don’t get offended by it when people ask me these questions because I am aware that I’m showing it off and if they want to look at my cleavage, hey, look at my cleavage. I’m putting it out there for everyone to see anyway,” she continued.


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“So I’m never offended or upset by these comments… If someone says like, ‘I’m just on Instagram to look on our body.’ OK. Like, thanks for the support. I work really hard on my body. Um, you know, I do. I spend a lot of hours at the gym [and] on my diet.

“And I am proud of the way my body looks. So I’m never offended by that. So I just want to clear that up because I do…get that reputation. Or people say, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing.’ I very clearly know what I’m doing. I’m not stupid.”


Spiranac originally played college golf at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State University. In 2012 and 2013 she took home All-Conference honors, and then in 2015 she helped lead San Diego State to their first conference title.

After college, Spiranac went on to play pro golf in 2015 – earning her lone victory at that level when she defeated an amateur golfer at Scottsdale’s Orange Tree Country Club. After being unable to qualify for a card to play on the professional LPGA circuit, she retired in 2016.


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Since then, Spiranac has focused on building her brand. Now the 27-year-old hosts the weekly “Playing A Round” podcast and serves as one of the most notable golf influencers around on social media.

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