Paige Spiranac Gets In Trouble With Country Club Over Outfit (Video)

Paige Spiranac Gets In Trouble With Country Club Over Outfit (Video)

Paige Spiranac has spent the last several years becoming one of the most influential and popular personalities in all of golf.

A big part of her success, at least initially, was her choice of attire for her videos.

Fans loved what she wore. She enjoyed the attention. Win-win.

In recent years, Spiranac has toned things down a bit – but obviously not enough for one particular country club.

This past week Spiranac shared a video where she revealed that a country club she was filming her video in requested that she remove all mention of them because they didn’t want to be associated with her.


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“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name of the golf course or the golf hole because they don’t want me to,” she said.

“They originally reached out and said they love my content. They love what I’m doing for the game of golf, and they would love to host me. But I was hesitant, because I know how most middle tier country clubs can be.

“Most of the members have this elitist attitude and I know that my dress code can be a sore point for a lot of people. But I’m always respectful, so I asked them if my outfit was okay and they watched me shoot every single piece of content,” Spiranac continued.

“There were no problems until after I posted one of my videos and they said ‘hey, we know we asked for tags, but you’re gonna have to remove all tags. We don’t want you to be associated with our golf course.’”

Yikes. Obviously Spiranac is no stranger to making headlines. Between her wild outfits, memorable Christmas party photos and one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes, she is a permanent fixture in the news cycle.

But are there really country clubs out there that believe they are too good for the brand of videos she puts out? Her fan base is comprised of country club-frequenters. Some of these establishments would be wise to get a little more in tune with their audience.

Spiranac will be fine, either way. She is one of the biggest influencers in all of sports. Not just golf, sports. There is a reason why the rumors of her and Tom Brady hooking up generated so many headlines.

Country clubs need her for relevance a lot more than she needs them.

Spiranac has an incredible 2022 by any objective measure, and all signs point to her achieving a similar amount of success in 2023.

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