Olivia Dunne’s Wild Video In LSU Locker Room Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne’s Wild Video In LSU Locker Room Goes Viral

With LSU’s football program experiencing something of an up and down run in 2022, the onus fell on gymnast Olivia Dunne to represent for the sports program.

Dunne, 20, picked up the baton and never looked back.

In addition to thriving on the mats as a gymnast, she also carved out a unique niche for herself as an extremely prominent social media personality.

This week, Dunne once again opted to represent for the Tigers like only she can with a memorable video inside LSU’s locker room.

The video is fairly self-explanatory:

@livvy Can i get a geaux tigahs?! #lsu #gymnastics #fakebody ♬ original sound – Shy

It goes without saying that this isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Dunne has blown up online. Between her memorable Thanksgiving Day outfit, photos with no shirt on and impossible-to-forget Halloween costume – it has been one thing after another with her.

Plus, in addition to all that viral gold, Dunne also routinely sets the internet ablaze with just her standard Instagram and TikTok posts:

@livvy this def didn’t take 100 tries #foryou ♬ Conceited – Dominique
@livvy 4 words #foryou ♬ original sound – Drake

Big picture, LSU’s football program looks to be in good shape under Brian Kelly.

It is impossible to know whether perhaps they will step up in 2023 and take some shine away from Dunne.

But even if they do, her place in the school’s sports lore is etched in stone at this point.

How bright will Dunne’s star ultimately get when it’s all said and done in her career?

Time will tell.

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