Olivia Dunne Shares Photos Of Herself Wearing Just A Thong

Olivia Dunne Shares Photos Of Herself Wearing Just A Thong

Olivia Dunne has had quite the year. Not only did she help lead LSU to a National Championship on the gymnastics mats, but she has also had an incredibly fruitful last few months from an NIL standpoint.

Obviously Dunne has been raking in seven figures annually ever since coming to college, but her profile has seemingly reached new heights as of late.

Over the past few weeks alone Dunne has blown up online for everything ranging from her ‘nippy’ video to her wild hotel room video to her provocative locker room video.

This week, Dunne made headlines once again. This time she did it for posting a photo of herself wearing just a thong:

Reactions flowed in immediately.

“What a great picture Livvy,” one fan wrote.

“Absolutely beautiful,” another person agreed.

Dunne’s popularity is no secret at this point. She is undeniably one of the biggest names in all of college athletics and has penetrated the larger cultural zeitgeist in a way few gymnasts ever have.

The question now is what comes next.

From an athletics standpoint, she has gotten to the top of the mountain. Dunne is a champion now.

There is nothing left for her to conquer.

Where will Dunne’s career ultimately take her from here? Time will tell.

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