Olivia Culpo’s Outfit To 49ers Preseason Game Goes Viral (Photos)

Olivia Culpo’s Outfit To 49ers Preseason Game Goes Viral (Photos)

Olivia Culpo’s outfit to this weekend’s San Francisco 49ers preseason game went viral.

At this point, Culpo’s relationship with Niners running back Christian McCaffrey is a matter of public record. She has been by his side since the dark days of him trying to escape the Carolina Panthers.

Now, with him finally on a team he actually wants to be on, Culpo has been at a permanent fixture at most of McCaffrey’s outings.

This weekend’s preseason showdown between the 49ers and Denver Broncos proved to be no exception.

Although McCaffrey didn’t actually play in his squad’s most recent game, Culpo still made it a point to show up and support him. Her outfit to the proceedings quickly went viral.


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It’s worth remembering, not long ago Culpo was being accused of contributing to McCaffrey’s cascade of never-ending injuries due to how wild she is in the bedroom.

Obviously that chatter died down once he arrived in San Francisco and actually remained relatively healthy throughout his 2022 campaign, but the fact that it was ever a story is pretty incredible.

Last season McCaffrey recorded 746 yards rushing and six touchdowns in 11 games for the Niners. He also chipped in 464 receiving yards and caught four passes for touchdowns.

While Brock Purdy was the offensive story of the year for San Francisco throughout the 2022-23 season, McCaffrey’s consistency deserved a lot of credit as well.

It will be interesting to see what 2023-24 ultimately holds for McCaffrey. Last year he joined Kyle Shanahan’s offense in Week 7 and essentially had to play catch-up. This time around he has had a full offseason of learning.

Theoretically, that should mean he will look even better.

As always, the main question surrounding McCaffrey is whether he will remain healthy. One way or another, though – so long as McCaffrey stays on the field it is a virtual lock that Culpo will be at 49ers games cheering him on.

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