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Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Getting Fired Over T-Shirt?

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Getting Fired Over T-Shirt?

Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy Getting Fired Over T-Shirt?

Critics are demanding that Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy be fired over a controversial t-shirt.

The t-shirt in question features the logo of conservative news network One American News (OAN).

The issue was originally raised by Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard.

Shortly after the controversy erupted, Hubbard and Gundy recorded a video together in which they seemed to settle their differences.

“In light of today’s tweet with the T-shirt I was wearing,” Gundy said.

“I met with some players and realize it’s a very sensitive issue with what’s going on in today’s society. And so we had a great meeting, and [I was] made aware of some things that players feel like can make our organization, our culture even better than it is here at Oklahoma State.

“And I’m looking forward to making some changes, and it starts at the top with me, and we’ve got good days ahead.”

Hubbard, for his part, also apologized.

“I’ll start off first by saying that I went about it the wrong way by tweeting,” Hubbard said.

“I’m not someone that has to tweet something to make change. I should have went to him as a man. And I’m all about passion. So that was bad on my part.

“But from now on, we’re gonna focus on bringing change, and that’s the most important thing.”

It will be interesting to see if the university ultimately caves to the pressure to fire Gundy.

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  1. Do people realize that they giving up there liberties? It is Unconscionable that anyone would be fired from wearing a T-shirt with a News logo! Keep kissing up until you have lost everything America was founded on. The freedom of speech now means you cannot have a opinion!

  2. This is CRAZY! I never thought I would see a time when someone could loose their or have to officially apologize for a wearing a T-shirt for a news organization. I’m not a far right conservative. But everyone in America should have the right to be a conservative if they want to be. To be honest, the mainstream media has gotten so liberal that a lot of people are looking for alternative news sources.

  3. He should be fired for apologizing. Any coach as weak willed as he is devoid of leadership and should not be an example to young men. As a former Army Sgt he wouldn’t last a week in my platoon. We had a word for guys like him “CandyAss”.

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