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Ohio State Staffer Makes A Ryan Day Confession

Ohio State Staffer Makes A Ryan Day Confession

Ryan Day entered this college football season with a lot of expectations on his shoulders.

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh had quietly been encroaching on Ohio State’s Big Ten dominance for a year now, and all eyes were on Day to see how he would respond.

Coming into Saturday, the response was a mixed bag. The Buckeyes put forth a solid 2022 campaign, but still fell to the Wolverines in their most important game of the year. And Day, once again, saw prized recruits that should have gone his way make a beeline for Harbaugh instead.

Because of all that, Day has faced a decent amount of criticism in recent months.

This weekend, however, he got some surprising praise from a former Ohio State staffer.

A couple of days ago, Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian behaved like a madman when a staffer touched him as his squad was preparing to take the field. The video really left viewers uncomfortable.

In response, an Ohio State staffer made a confession about Day’s conduct:

You love to see it.

College football fans, being the diverse group of folks they are, had an array of reactions to the confession:

Obviously the Buckeyes’ season has not gone the way Day likely would have scripted it at the beginning of the year.

Through it all, though – he has kept his players’ heads in the game. And that (along with the cheerleading squads’ stellar efforts) is a big reason why they remained in the College Football Playoff chase despite the Michigan collapse.

Day has some flaws as a head coach and recruiter. Nobody is saying he doesn’t.

But clearly the man is a good person.

At the end of the day, that matters a lot more than what happens on the football field.

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