Odell Beckham Has More Harsh Words For Cleveland Browns

Odell Beckham Has More Harsh Words For Cleveland Browns

Odell Beckham Has More Harsh Words For Cleveland Browns

Odell Beckham has more harsh words for the Cleveland Browns.

After a lot of hype and big talk about how Beckham would fit in seamlessly in Cleveland, people are quickly realizing that this is in fact no the case.

Rather, it is becoming increasingly likely that the Browns will have to trade Beckham before the entire situation turns into a headache that is too big to manage.

Late last wee reports began to emerge that Beckham was unhappy in Cleveland. More gasoline was poured on that fire when he expressed that his future with the Browns was uncertain.

Then the wheels completely came flying off the clown car this weekend when it was revealed by Jay Glazer of Fox that Beckham had reportedly been telling other players to “come and get me” because he wasn’t long for Cleveland.

Well, in an interesting new report, Charles Robinson of Yahoo revealed that Beckham is currently “lost” with the Browns and is “uncertain about his role with the team.”

Robinson also confirmed Glazer’s report of Beckham telling rival players “come and get me,” and that this apparently happened way back in October before any of this even began.

Beckham has racked up 844 yards on 59 receptions this year. Despite playing in all 13 games so far this season, he has only recorded a pair of 100-yard showings.

Over the course of his first five years with the New York Giants Beckham recorded more than 1000 and nine touchdowns on average per season.

In that timespan he also made the Pro Bowl three times.

Based on everything we are hearing now, it is safe to say that Beckham’s time with the Browns is going to end sooner rather than later.

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