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Nick Saban’s Honest Reaction To Win Over LSU

Nick Saban’s Honest Reaction To Win Over LSU

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban emerged from Saturday’s showdown with LSU victorious. The Crimson Tide steamrolled the defending champs 55-17.

“Now we gotta talk about how we want to finish the season and continue to improve and get better,” Saban said after the fact.

Interestingly enough, the electricity went out at Alabama’s team hotel a half-hour before the pregame meal. Coaches and players were forced to eat in the dark.

“Stuff happens,” Saban said, “and everybody keeps on keeping on.”

For the Alabama head coach, it all comes down to culture.

“When you have good culture on your team and you’ve established that culture with your team, they can adapt and adjust to things that don’t go exactly like you expect them to,” Saban said.

Next up Alabama will face off against Arkansas next Saturday to close out the regular season.

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