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Nick Saban Responds To Alabama Tampering Rumors (Video)

Nick Saban Responds To Alabama Tampering Rumors (Video)

Nick Saban has turned Alabama into the best program in all of college football over the past decade and change. That said, the Crimson Tide still aren’t above getting dragged into the mud.

And that’s precisely what happened this week, when claims of tampering involving Louisville’s Tyler Harrell arose.

Back in April, Harrell entered the transfer portal and subsequently almost immediately opted to join Alabama.

Understandably, that raised a few eyebrows.

This week, Saban decided to address the topic head on.

“We don’t tamper with anybody. I don’t know of anybody that tampered with him,” he said.

“You know, I don’t really know that anybody’s ever tampered with our players. I just think sometimes when things happen it makes you wonder. So I’m not making any accusations against anybody that’s done anything to our players and I don’t have any knowledge of anybody that’s done anything with anybody else’s players.”

Last season Harrell recorded 18 receptions for six scores and 532 yards for Louisville. Time will tell what he’ll be able to do for the Crimson Tide.

Between falling out of the Arch Manning Sweepstakes and intensifying chatter regarding who will replace Saban, it feels like Alabama has been in the news nonstop as of late.

Will the program be able to drown out the outside noise and compete for a National Championship this coming season?

Time will tell.

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