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Nick Saban Opens Up About Looming Game vs Arkansas

Nick Saban Opens Up About Looming Game vs Arkansas

Alabama head football coach spoke openly about his team’s looming showdown against Arkansas.

With a victory, the Crimson Tide will secure a perfect regular season record heading into the SEC Championship Game.

“It’s a little bit of a historic game for us too, you know,” Saban said.

“We’ve only had one team around here that went undefeated. And that wasn’t as difficult for that team to go undefeated as it is for this team playing 10 SEC games.”

That said, Saban isn’t letting his guard down.

“The next game, this what we need to be focused on,” he said. “We need to respect their team. Other teams are capable of beating anybody. They demonstrated that all year long.

“I think anytime you play on the road or in the SEC, you’ve got to be ready to play. And you got to respect the fact that the team that you’re playing, certainly is capable of beating if you don’t execute which was, you know, the point made at the beginning of a statement when we execute good things happen, when we don’t allow the other team opportunities on both sides of the ball.”

Saban isn’t the only member of the program who has his sights set on an undefeated mark.

Quarterback Mac Jones, the current favorite to win the Heisman, echoed his coach’s sentiment.

“We kind of talked about [going undefeated] as a beginning-of-the-year goal,” he said pm Monday.

“Playing an all-SEC schedule, to go undefeated would be something that no other team has ever done just because no other team has had to play an all-SEC schedule.”

Will Alabama ultimately be able to finish undefeated? Time will tell.

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