Nick Saban Compares Tua Tagovailoa To Drew Brees

Nick Saban Compares Tua Tagovailoa To Drew Brees

Nick Saban Compares Tua Tagovailoa To Drew Brees

Nick Saban compared Tua Tagovailoa to Drew Brees during a recent conversation with the media.

Saban suggested that teams passing on his former quarterback over his injury concerns would be a big mistake – and he pointed to historical references to support his point.

“It was the same scenario, it wasn’t – our first choice was to take Drew Brees,” Saban said.

“The medical people made that decision (to pass on Brees) relative to Drew Brees’ shoulder, his situation, it was his throwing arm and all that. That was a medical decision, it was not an organizational decision.

“You know, we wanted to take Drew Brees, he’s the first guy that we brought in, he’s the first guy that we made a deal with. But it was a medical issue that created that.

“So, this might be the same scenario for whatever team is interested in Tua. It’s, you know, that’s gonna be a medical decision, I don’t think it’s gonna be a performance issue.”

Tagovailoa is expected to be taken with one of the first five selections in Thursday’s draft.

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