NFL Referee Accused Of Cheating Over Suspicious Video

NFL Referee Accused Of Cheating Over Suspicious Video

NFL referees are often on the wrong end of criticism from fans, players and team leadership alike. It’s something of a thankless job in some respects.

That said, on occasion, the condemnation is warranted.

This week a particularly damning video emerged from Sunday’s showdown between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.

The clip in question largely speaks for itself:

In the video, running back Breece Hall can quite clearly be seen taking an extra hit after he is out of bounds. The overseeing ref appears ready to throw a flag, only to hold off after conferring with a second referee.

It was an odd scene, any which way you want to look at it.

Reactions poured in immediately:

Obviously none of it ended up mattering in the end, but the frustration is certainly understandable.

This has been a mostly great year for the NFL. Cheerleaders are blowing up for their provocative photos. Moms are going viral for their memorable outfits. Everyone is having a good time.

The refereeing though — it’s rough.

At some point, something will need to be done about football officiating. Both at the professional and collegiate level.

There are only so many games that can be negatively influenced by these awful calls before it does irreparable damage to the integrity of the sport.

Will the powers that be attempt to get this mess under control before it’s too late?

Time will tell.

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