NFL Fans React To Dan Orlovsky’s Inappropriateness With Molly Qerim

NFL Fans React To Dan Orlovsky’s Inappropriateness With Molly Qerim

Dan Orlovsky appeared on ‘First Take’ this week and made quite the impression.

It goes without saying that Molly Qerim is one of the main reasons anyone tunes in to ESPN every morning. Between her intimate video with Stephen A. Smith and provocative outfit choices, she has no trouble making headlines.

That said, even she must have been surprised by what Orlovsky opted to do on Tuesday’s program.

The video largely speaks for itself:

NFL fans tend to be a pretty vocal bunch. In a football week that saw the Alabama cheerleaders’ explicit gestures go viral, Sam Ponder’s risqué outfit cause a stir and Brittany Mahomes’ racy party pictures blow up, it takes a lot to shock them. But Orlovsky definitely did.

Reactions to Orlovsky’s weirdness poured in immediately:

Big picture, Orlovsky is a huge personality.

He probably saw an opening to be a character with Qerim’s shoe and took it.

But it is still objectively weird behavior.

Will Qerim or Orlovsky address what precisely took place there with her shoe at some point this week? Time will tell.

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