New York Jets Trading Le’Veon Bell?

New York Jets Trading Le’Veon Bell?

New York Jets Trading Le’Veon Bell?

Are the New York Jets trading Le’Veon Bell?

Based on the comments made by general manager Joe Douglas on Tuesday, the answer appears to be yes.

Speaking to the media before New Year’s Day, Douglas was asked whether the team was open to trading their running back.

“If teams do call, I’m going to listen,” Douglas responded.

Once a general manager acknowledges that a guy is open for a potential trade, there is no going back after that.

Maybe New York will trade Bell. Maybe not. But you cannot put those worms back in the can after what Douglas admitted.

Bell has three years remaining on a contract he signed with the Jets last year. Heading into the second year of his four-year, $52.5 million deal, it is beginning to get hard to ignore just how much certain members of the organization don’t want him there.

Head coach Adam Gase has made it no secret that he did not want to pay Bell that much, and his comments on Monday regarding the running back’s future made it clear that the two are not particularly close.

After being asked whether he wanted Bell to be the team’s starting running back next year, Gase kept his response short and sweet.

“You can ask Joe tomorrow,” responded Gase.

Bell had something of a disappointing 2019 campaign. All in all, he averaged 789 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

Will the Jets be able to get good value for him in a trade? Probably not after the season he just had.

Then again, it is also becoming clear that the situation between Bell and the organization is becoming untenable, so maybe getting whatever you can get for him is the right move after all.

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