New York Jets Make Surprising Le’Veon Bell Decision

New York Jets Make Surprising Le’Veon Bell Decision

New York Jets Make Surprising Le’Veon Bell Decision

The New York Jets made a surprising Le’Veon Bell decision on Monday morning.

Or more specifically, head coach Adam Gase made the surprising decision of showing zero interest in Bell potentially returning.

During an interview, Gase was asked whether he wants Bell to be his team’s starting running back next year.

Gase was brutally honest in his disinterest.

“You can ask Joe tomorrow,” responded Gase, referencing general manager Joe Douglas.

It is something of a known fact that Gase never actually wanted Bell, particularly at the price point of $52.5 million over four years.

Surely enough, Bell recorded 789 yards and three scores in 2019 on the ground. He tacked on an additional 461 yards and one score through the air.

Late last week, Bell was asked if he wanted to remain with the Jets.

“I wouldn’t have signed here for four years if I didn’t want to be here four years,” Bell said.

“When I did sign here, I didn’t expect us to go 16-0, you know what I’m saying?” he added.

“I knew it would be a process. I understand everything. We got a young quarterback, a whole group of guys coming in — new offensive coordinators, head coaches. … I understand what goes on. It’s not like basketball. You can’t take one or two guys and change a team.”

It remains to be seen how Jets brass opts to navigate this situation.

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  1. I’m so sick of this situation no Jets fan wanted Adam gase to be the coach … No interest in bell come on bro… We as Jets fans have no interest in you being our coach… Kick rocks gase

  2. The Coach of Jets should not be back next year, LeVeon at least provide rushing and receiving. How can a guy be a loser in Miami and then become a Head Coach of the Jets? Needs to go, his track record shows, LOSER!!

  3. Just the press talking shit is all. Gase didnt say he wasnt interested. Just the press asking dumb questions. And Gase refusing to answer their stupid questions.

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