New Photo Adds Context To Little League Cotton Controversy

New Photo Adds Context To Little League Cotton Controversy

A Little League controversy erupted this week after an unfortunate image began circulating online.

It all began this weekend when ESPN’s broadcast of the MLB Little League Classic showed a Davenport, Iowa, baseball team putting cotton atop a young black boy’s head.

Given the stark visual, people became enraged by the image:

On Tuesday, additional photos came out that provide fresh context to what transpired:

That aligns with a statement from the boy’s mother and team which also seemed to suggest that there was no ill-intent involved with this particular incident.

“During the broadcast of the MLB Little League Classic, a Midwest player was shown with filling from a stuffed animal given away at the game on his head,” a statement from Little League read.

“After speaking with the team, as well as reviewing photos, multiple players on the Midwest Region team were taking part in this while enjoying the game. As only one player appeared on the broadcast, Little League International understands that the actions shown could be perceived as racially insensitive.

“We have spoken with the player’s mother and the coaches, who have assured us that there was no ill-intent behind the action shown during the broadcast.”

This has been a crazy week for the world of baseball. Between a couple getting busted getting intimate in the stands of a MLB game and Kate Upton’s provocative photos — it has been one thing after another.

The Little League incident is just par for the course.

Will this new photo’s release and the additional context it provides settle this matter once and for all?

Time will tell.

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