New England Patriots Cheerleader’s Wild Photos Cause A Stir

New England Patriots Cheerleader’s Wild Photos Cause A Stir

The New England Patriots came into the 2022-23 NFL season with a lot of lofty expectations.

After making the playoffs in Mac Jones’ rookie campaign, the hope was that all parties involved would be able to build on that momentum and get even further in Year 2.

That didn’t end up happening.

Jones wound up getting hurt a ton and regressing a little as a passer. The latter was due in no small part to the chaos surrounding the Patriots’ offensive coordinator slot.

Instead of being hyped as one of the league’s rising stars as he was in Year 1, Jones’ sophomore campaign was filled with accusations of him being a dirty player and locker room mutinies against Bill Belichick.

At one point in the offseason, because of how bad things got last year, there was talk of trading Jones to one of four NFL teams that had expressed interest in acquiring him.

Eventually the Patriots elected not to take a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft – signaling that all parties involved seem to be in alignment about Jones returning as New England’s starter next year.

While the Patriots’ team was a mess for large swaths of the 2022-23 NFL season, the squad’s cheerleaders consistently showed up and performed at a high level.

One Patriots cheerleader in particular, Kayla, became a huge fan favorite along the way. She has more than 6,000 followers across social media and routinely sets the internet ablaze for her wild photos.

This obviously isn’t the first time in recent months an NFL dancer has blown up in this fashion. A Las Vegas Raiders cheerleader went mega-viral last week over her provocative personal photos, as did a Dallas Cowboys dancer.

Cheerleading stuff aside, it will be interesting to see how the Patriots fare next season. The New York Jets will come back objectively better, the Buffalo Bills continue to be a championship-level squad, and the Miami Dolphins could be a playoff team if they keep Tua Tagovailoa healthy.

Where does that leave New England? It’s unclear.

Regardless of how the players end up playing, though – the Patriots’ cheerleaders will undoubtedly be there cheering them on every step of the way.

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