New England Patriots Cheating Video Goes Viral

New England Patriots Cheating Video Goes Viral

New England Patriots Cheating Video Goes Viral

A New England Patriots cheating video has gone viral.

This week, a new Youtube video emerged showing the second half of last week’s game between the Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.

In the video, officials can be seen moving the first-down marker from New England’s 5-yard line to the in between downs. This seemingly sets Dallas back a yard.

However, according to Yahoo! Sports, the video does not tell the whole story. Per their report, the video shows an issue with initial ball placement at the 15-yard line instead of the 14, after a roughing the passer penalty came on the same play as a Michael Gallup reception.

The play-by-play team said that Gallup was tackled on the 29, which mans the ball should have been brought back half the distance to the goal line and somewhere in-between the 14 and 15 yard mark.

Ultimately the drive in question ended with a Dallas field goal.

Did the referees simply make an error in judgment or is there a larger conspiracy in play?

That is up to each individual fan to decide.

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  1. Really? How many more times does can Bill Belichick get away with cheating??? Like I always told my sons if you cheat you never really win.. LOSERS!@!!@ I personally think they should be stripped of all of the super bowls. Should never reward cheating!!!!!

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