New Boston Celtics Uniform Design Leaks Out (Photo)

New Boston Celtics Uniform Design Leaks Out (Photo)

The Boston Celtics are one of the two greatest franchises in NBA history. With 17 league titles to their name, the respect typically bestowed upon the organization is both understandable and justified.

That said – even the Celtics can have missteps. One such misstep? Their apparent design for their 2020-21 City Jersey Edition uniforms.

This week, the uniform mock-ups made their way online and were immediately endlessly scrutinized by the team’s fans.

New Boston Celtics Uniform Design Leaks Out (Photo) 1

Reactions from fans were merciless.

Obviously it hasn’t been confirmed yet that this is the real design, but if it is, it’s hard to see how all parties involved don’t go back to the drawing board after getting such a negative reaction.

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