Multiple Teams Like Tua Tagovailoa, Says ESPN

Multiple Teams Like Tua Tagovailoa, Says ESPN

Multiple Teams Like Tua Tagovailoa, Says ESPN

Multiple teams like Tua Tagovailoa, says ESPN. In response to the doubts regarding how high the former Alabama star would be selected in the 2020 NFL Draft, Chris Mortenson of ESPN revealed what he had been hearing from scouts.

“The key thing on that video that Tua posted last week, it was only 10 seconds, but it was an impressive 10 seconds,” he said

“The key was to basically get the recovery. How did he feel the next day? He was pretty good the next day in terms of how he felt.

“And this is with doctor’s oversights and I’m told that when we officially get to the Tua Tagovailoa story down the road, we will find that this has been a little bit like a ‘Rocky IV workout.’ He’s been that impressive and committed to his progress without risking that injury.”

Beyond everything else, Tagovailoa’s hip recovery being on schedule is the most important thing.

“So the hip, obviously, is making progress, he’s gotten good news from the doctors, he’s recovering well. And even though there won’t be a Pro Day there will be some video posted. Some teams are concerned about the injury-prone part with the ankles but his doctors will tell you that his ankles are better off than they were before he had these procedures.

“Most teams are basically saying ‘even if we bring him in and he has to redshirt a year we’re good with it if our doctors are good with it.’”

Will Tagovailoa be selected above Oregon’s Justin Herbert? Time will tell.

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