MMA Fighter Paralyzed After BJJ Move Goes Wrong

MMA Fighter Paralyzed After BJJ Move Goes Wrong

MMA Fighter Paralyzed After BJJ Move Goes Wrong

An MMA fighter was paralyzed after a BJJ move gone wrong during a grappling tournament.

During one particular event at the Tinkoff Arena in Saint Petersburg, Russia, a 26-year-old attempted a difficult maneuver.

The young man in question, Payzutdin Aliyev, went for a flying armbar, but his opponent stepped back to avoid the submission.

As a result, Aliyev landed on his head and broke his neck. The video of the incident quite clearly captures the cracking of bones that occurred.

Aliyev’s opponent seemed to prepare to swoop in after his foe’s error, only to realize what had transpired and then fall back.

Aliyev was ultimately paralyzed with a broken neck and spinal cord damage, also known as craniocerebral trauma, as well as a brain contusion.

Subsequent CT scans confirmed that his arms and legs were paralyzed in addition to his broken neck.

The Dagestani sports ministry issued a statement on what happened to Aliyev.

“No one in our life is safe from accidents,” it read.

“Aliyev received a severe spinal injury and now he needs financial assistance.”

Additional information on Aliyev will likely come at some point in the next few days.

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