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Mississippi State Fans Dance Provocatively During Arkansas Game (Video)

Mississippi State Fans Dance Provocatively During Arkansas Game (Video)

Mississippi State and Arkansas faced off on Saturday in a college football game with no meaningful stakes.

The Bulldogs ultimately won the outing 7-3, which speaks volumes about what sort of showdown it was.

For anyone keeping track at home, the Razorbacks are now 2-6 on the year.

Because of how atrocious of a game it was, a pair of Mississippi State fans stole the show with their provocative dance moves.

This was a busy college football weekend. A Tennessee cheerleader’s wild photos leaked out. Shortly before that, a Penn State cheerleader’s provocative personal photos went viral. It was just that kind of Saturday.

Because of that, it isn’t too surprising that a non-football story ultimately dominated this Mississippi State-Arkansas game.

Fan craziness aside, the Bulldogs did not look good in this one. Yes, they were without quarterback Will Rogers. But that is still no excuse for how close the game was.

Arkansas came into the outing ranked 118th in yards per game. This is a group that can’t score to save their lives. To beat them by four points, even if it was at Razorback Stadium, is embarrassing on multiple levels.

In fact, there is a fair case to be made that Mississippi State somehow found a way to lose a game they technically won – because nobody is walking away from this showdown impressed with Zach Arnett.

The Bulldogs are a bad team. They are lucky that Auburn and Arkansas exist, because in a just world they would be sitting at the absolute bottom of the SEC West.

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