Mike Pereira’s Odd Behavior During FOX NFL Sunday Goes Viral (Video)

Mike Pereira’s Odd Behavior During FOX NFL Sunday Goes Viral (Video)

Mike Pereira is one of the more respected NFL personalities in media today, but even he isn’t immune to going viral for strange reasons.

On Sunday, eagle-eyed observers noticed Pereira do something especially odd when he likely assumed the camera wasn’t on him.

It was, unfortunately – and it recorded him in all his glory.

The video speaks for itself:

Given Pereira’s place in the larger NFL zeitgeist and how bizarre of a move that was, fans immediately flocked to social media to react.

The responses were fairly predictable:

Big picture, this has been a crazy week in football. Between a Miami Dolphins cheerleader honoring the veterans in her own special way, Erin Andrews confessing her beef with San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and Brittany Mahomes’ provocative photos causing a stir – it has been one thing after another.

In some ways, Pereira being weird is just par for the course.

The day is still young, though – so time will tell if anything stranger happens.

Will Pereira’s odd video be the most viral thing to come out of this particular NFL weekend? Or will something ultimately overshadow it?

Time will tell.

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