Mike McCarthy Refuses To Call Cowboy Star Back

Mike McCarthy Refuses To Call Cowboy Star Back

Mike McCarthy Refuses To Call Cowboy Star Back

Mike McCarthy refuses to call a Cowboys star back, it seems.

This past week Dallas linebacker Jaylon Smith appeared on the Aaron Tores Sports Podcast and shared a pretty intriguing story.

It appears that after McCarthy’s hiring, Smith attempted to reach out to his new head coach and start some sort of dialogue.

McCarthy has not yet called him back.

“I left a message with him, I’m waiting to hear back from him,” he said.

“But he’s a busy guy, he’s got a lot of things going on, we’re still getting all the staff and everything situated.

“And I’m really looking forward to this year.”

In Smith’s mind, McCarthy’s snub is not an issue. He understands that the new head coach has a lot of things to deal with right now as he attempts to play catch-up.

“It’s all love baby,” he said. “It’s all love.”

While Smith is obviously being very patient about the situation, it is still very odd that a new head coach would not respond to his players.

It does not speak well to future communication if this is the way the relationship between coach and players is beginning.

What makes the whole thing even stranger is that Smith is a very integral piece of the Cowboys defense. He is also signed through 2025, so it is not like McCarthy is going to get rid of him soon.

Hopefully this was simply a miscommunication between the two parties involved, and not a sign of bigger issues to come.

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