Mike Brown’s Future With Sacramento Kings Now In Doubt

Mike Brown’s Future With Sacramento Kings Now In Doubt

Two years ago the Sacramento Kings greeted Mike Brown as a savior. Not only did he guide the team to the NBA playoffs in his first season, but he also pumped fresh life and enthusiasm into the franchise.

Unfortunately, last season, the Kings came back down to Earth as a result of injuries, bad luck and at-times poor coaching. Not only did they fail to make the playoffs, though — but they did so in a way that has cast doubt over Brown’s future in Sacramento.

Brown is looking for an extension, but according to multiple insiders, things might not end up going too well for him in that department.

“The failure to repeat the success of the previous year hasn’t sat well with ownership, according to sources,” James Ham wrote recently. “This shouldn’t be a complicated matter, but like everything else in Sacramento, it is.”

It doesn’t help Brown any that the going rate for coaches of his particular caliber has changed a lot.

“The going rate for star-level coaches is off the charts, especially those with championship rings,” Ham continued.

“The next tier, which includes Brown, is now starting to take shape. Mike Budenholzer landed in Phoenix on a five-year, $50 million contract last week and he is about as good a comp as you will find with Brown.”

Ham isn’t the only one saying this, though.

Apparently, according to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, a lot also depends on how much the Los Angeles Lakers opt to pay their next head coach.

“The outcome of the Lakers’ process, and the rest of this unfolding coaching cycle — which has already included paydays for Jason Kidd and new Suns head coach Mike Budenholzer — will also provide added context for Mike Brown’s contract extension conversations in Sacramento,” Fischer noted.

It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here. The change in tone as it pertains to Brown is pretty startling, though.

How much longer will Brown remain with the Kings? Time will tell.

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