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Michigan vs Alabama Winner Is Clear, Says Urban Meyer

Michigan vs Alabama Winner Is Clear, Says Urban Meyer

Michigan vs Alabama Winner Is Clear, Says Urban Meyer

The Michigan vs Alabama winner is clear, says Urban Meyer.

Wednesday’s New Year’s Day battle between the Wolverines and Crimson Tide should be one for the ages.

Although a lot of people are expecting Michigan to get trounced in this one, realistically this is probably as good a chance as James Harbaugh will ever have to beat Nick Saban.

Alabama comes into the Citrus Bowl with little enthusiasm and not much to play for. The Crimson Tide likes getting up for title games. A title game this is not. Couple a lack of motivation with injuries to key positions and you see why some are giving Michigan a decent shot to pull the upset in this outing.

Harbaugh desperately needs a win against a big-name program and legitimate coach. At this point he is like the Jason Witten of college ball.

Will he get it, though?

According to Meyer – the answer is no.

Meyer previewed the New Year’s Eve slate of bowl games for Fox recently and offered his take on how the Citrus Bowl would turn out.

In his opinion, it will be all Alabama, so long as the Crimson Tide can get properly motivated.

“Alabama in the Citrus Bowl doesn’t even sound right. … This will be a big challenge for Nick Saban,” Meyer said.

“Can he get them to play? If he gets them to play, Alabama has a better team. I think they’ll walk away with it. If they don’t get them to play, I think they’ll lose. … If Alabama’s motivated, they’ll win.”

Will Saban get his guys properly motivated for a game that none of them want to be in? That is going to be the key question answered on January 1.

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  1. If Michigan wins, their fate was predetermined by Alabama’s lack of motivation. If Michigan loses on the other hand, then their loss can be attributed to Alabamas superiority. It seems Michigan has nothing to play for aside from a potential cosmetic victory against a bunch of lazy dudes who have checked out. Maybe they get those SEC refs from the Clemson/ OSU game . That way if lazy Alabama shows up, the refs can help them out the way they did Clemson.

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