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Michigan State Paid Mark Dantonio A Ton Of Money To Quit

Michigan State Paid Mark Dantonio A Ton Of Money To Quit

Michigan State Paid Mark Dantonio A Ton Of Money To Quit

Michigan State paid Mark Dantonio a ton of money to quit, it would appear.

Dantonio made the stunning decision to step down this past week.

On Tuesday, the legendary Spartans head football coach abruptly called it a career.

While Dantonio and Michigan State parting ways in some capacity has been rumored for months, the timing seemed odd.

Well, as it turns out, money may have been the motivation.

Back in February 2016, Dantonio and Michigan came to an agreement that raised his yearly salary from $600,000 to $4.3 million.

According To Detroit Free Press insider Chris Solari, it also included “one of the larest one-time lump-sum bonuses in college football.”

Said bonus was reportedly $4.3 million if Dantonio was the Michigan’s head coach through January 15, 2020.

The payment was referred to as a sum “in recognition of his long-term service to the University.”

What does Michigan State get out of paying Dantonio $4.3 million?

Well, it is significantly less than the $7 million that it would have had to dole out if Dantonio were fired without cause.

The past two years have been tough for Dantonio and the Spartans. It is no surprise that the two parties opted to go their separate ways.

And now that we have a clearer idea of the money involved, the timing makes a lot of sense as well.

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