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Michigan Coach Told Recruits To Go Ohio State

Michigan Coach Told Recruits To Go Ohio State

Michigan Coach Told Recruits To Go Ohio State

A Michigan coach told recruits to go to Ohio State.

According to an account by four-star offensive lineman J.C. Latham, a notable former Wolverines coach was brutally honest while selling him on the Buckeyes.

The coach in question, Greg Mattison, is a defensive coach who left Harbaugh’s team to join Ryan Day’s.

While selling Latham on the merits of Ohio State, Mattison kept it very real with the 2021 recruit.

“When I first went to Ohio State back in the spring time for practice, [Coach Mattison] was the first guy I talked to because I knew him right off the bat,” Latham said.

“He was telling me how different Ohio State’s program was and how their facilities, practices, culture, all that was a lot better at Ohio State than Michigan,” he continued.

“He was really telling me at their school, it’s a business and they ran it strict to a T. He was telling me, ‘if you’re here, I can see you getting developed ten times better than I could see at any other school.’

“So he was kind of really just breaking the ice with me when I first visited.”

While an Ohio State coach bashing Michigan’s program is not particularly surprising, the coach being a former member of Michigan’s staff does make it a tad more intriguing.

Latham is ranked as the No. 80 recruit in the nation.

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