Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Settles NBA GOAT Debate

Michael Jordan's Son Marcus Settles NBA GOAT Debate

The hardest-hitting and most contentious debate in the NBA today is who is the league’s greatest player of all time is.

Some vehemently maintain that it is Michael Jordan, who won six championships with the Chicago Bulls and helped basketball reach previously unattainable levels of prominence.

Others maintain it is LeBron James, who has won four titles with three different teams and is arguably the most physically gifted talent the NBA has ever seen.

Recently, Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, decided to offer his two cents.

“Until LeBron’s journey is over, I can’t put him there. I’m probably going Hakeem,” he said on a podcast.

“I’m just thinking of guys that really changed the game. … It’s hard to take somebody from this era and put them in that 90s era. If you didn’t play in that era, you don’t really understand the magnitude of what it was, day in and day out. It was a grind.”

So there you have it. James doesn’t even rank for him at this juncture.

Again, this is a contentious debate. Scottie Pippen has weighed in on it. Allen Iverson has weighed in on it.

Heck, even former President Donald Trump has offered his thoughts on the matter.

At the moment, it does not appear as though a consensus opinion is feasible.

Hopefully when James ultimately retires everyone will be able to review both his career and Michael Jordan’s career through a more unbiased lens. And when that happens, ideally this debate will finally get settled once and for all.

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