Michael Jordan’s Brutal 9-Word JR Smith Insult

Michael Jordan’s Brutal 9-Word JR Smith Insult

JR Smith is one of the most notorious players of his generation. Although he settled into more of a supporting cast role as his career progressed, he was always a reliable offensive spark plug and even won two NBA championships.

Ever since his retirement from basketball, Smith has embarked on something of a surprising golf career.

Because of the success he has enjoyed in that avenue, he had the opportunity to play golf with Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan.

As one might expect, Jordan had quite a bit of trash talk for Smith when they squared off on the course.

During a recent interview with Pierce Simpson of Complex, Smith shared a fascinating story of an encounter between him and Jordan.

“He smoked me,” Smith recalled.

“He threw this jab at me low-key. So we were betting right and I doubled down on one of my bets. He said, ‘Alright, what’s the game?’ I’m like, ‘We gon’ play a Nassau.’ I said, ‘Whoa, $100, not $1000.’ He said, ‘I know what you meant.”

And that is when Jordan hit him with the kill shot.

“You had a good career, not a great career,” Jordan told Smith.


On merit, Jordan obviously isn’t wrong in his assessment of Smith. But to hear it said aloud to you – yikes.

Jordan has always been something of a savage. Never forget his 4-word greeting for Allen Iverson. Or his hand placement in that now-infamous Mary J. Blige photo. Or the six-word flirting tip he gave to Tiger Woods. Or how he got revenge on Scottie Pippen for getting on his bad side.

So in that respect, none of this should come as a shock.

That said, it’s still hilarious to hear Smith tell the story.

What sort of epic trash talk awaits when these two face off on the golf course again?

Time will tell.

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