Miami Heat’s Preference Between Damian Lillard And Bradley Beal

Miami Heat’s Preference Between Damian Lillard And Bradley Beal

The Miami Heat have made it clear that they want to acquire a superstar akin to Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal this summer.

Fresh off a surprising run in the NBA playoffs that saw them make the Finals, everyone agrees that the Heat have the tenacity and mental fortitude to be a title contender. What they presently lack, however, is a third star alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

In recent days, Miami has been one of four teams linked to a potential trade with the Washington Wizards for Beal.

Because Lillard’s trade status is a little more precarious, less rumors about him and the Heat have been abound.

But if Miami had its choice, who would it prefer between Lillard and Beal? An answer to that question came this week.

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, given the opportunity to choose, the Heat would prefer Lillard. Former Miami Herald sportswriter Barry Jackson also corroborated that idea.

“As [Stein] said, Lillard would be Heat preference over Beal,” he wrote.

“But Lillard simply isn’t ready to ask out of Portland. And if he eventually does [and] doesn’t beg Blazers to send him only to Miami, [Brooklyn] Nets in better position than Heat with 11 tradable firsts, including 9 unprotected.”

A few days ago it came out that Beal had his own preference of which team he would prefer to go to, but time will tell if he ultimately gets his wish.

Ditto for Lillard.

Lillard has made it abundantly clear to the Portland Trail Blazers that if they don’t do something with the No. 3 overall pick in this year’s draft to turn into a championship contender, he would like to be dealt elsewhere.

There is a clear frontrunner for Lillard’s services if he does get moved, but obviously Portland hopes that things don’t reach that point.

Will the Heat ultimately come away with either Beal or Lillard by the start of next season? Time will tell.

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