Memphis Grizzlies 2022 NBA Trade Deadline Plan Revealed

Memphis Grizzlies 2022 NBA Trade Deadline Plan Revealed

The Memphis Grizzlies have been absolutely incredible so far this year.

Sitting at 37-17 on the season and third place in the Western Conference, this group has performed at a level nobody expected from them.

Key to these efforts has obviously been the development of Ja Morant. He is flouring both on and off the court, as evidenced by him having the sort of swagger to take Drake’s girl.

But the improvement hasn’t just been limited to Morant. It has been a team effort, through and through.

And it’s not done yet.

The Grizzlies’ front office is actively looking to improve on the roster – just not ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. They have a more long-term view on the situation.

“The Grizzlies don’t want to do anything that hampers flexibility for their offseason plans but are said to be searching for wing depth to boost their postseason prospects after unexpectedly surging to No. 3 in the West,” wrote NBA insider Marc Stein this week.

Memphis has been a problem this year – and it has led to a lot of backlash from players and squads that have gotten used to little brothering them.

Whether it’s LeBron James taking issue with Morant or Russell Westbrook getting triggered by the mere mention of him – it has been one thing after another.

Not that it has bothered the Grizzlies any. This group has kept going strong despite all the noise, and there are no signs they’re planning to let up any time soon.

Watch this space. Fans might be witnessing the development of a young dynasty that will rule the West for many years to come.

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