Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Responds To Skip Bayless On Luca Doncic

Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Responds To Skip Bayless On Luca Doncic

Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Responds To Skip Bayless On Luca Doncic

Mavs owner Mark Cuban responded to Skip Bayless on Luca Doncic this week.

Bayless, a Fox Sports 1 broadcaster known for his bombastic views on LeBron James, found a new target for his ire recently.

That target? Doncic.

In Bayless’ estimation, Doncic is getting too much credit this season for being a superstar.

Mind you, Doncic is currently averaging 28.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 9 assists per game, all while leading to one of the Western Conference’s best records. And he is doing it all in just his second year as an NBA player.

Nevertheless, Bayless just is not seeing what all the hype is about.

“I’m not seeing superstar from Luka Doncic,” he asid recently.

“Every fourth quarter I watch him in, he comes apart either physically or mentally.”

Cuban, the man who drafted Doncic and views him as a franchise cornerstone, has not taken kindly to Bayless’ attacks on his star.

On Thursday, Cuban shared an old video of himself arguing with Bayless with the caption, “Don’t make me do it again Skip!”

During that particular debate, Cuban told Bayless that for some reason he thinks people care what he has to say, when in reality they do not.

Of course, Cuban said that to Bayless while appearing on Bayless’ show to argue with him, so obviously at the very least Cuban cares what he has to say.

Bayless has yet to respond to the Mavericks owner, but will likely do so at some point this week.

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