Matt Nagy Opens Up About Nick Foles vs Mitch Trubisky QB Competition

Matt Nagy Opens Up About Nick Foles vs Mitch Trubisky QB Competition

Matt Nagy Opens Up About Nick Foles vs Mitch Trubisky QB Competition

Matt Nagy opened up about the Chicago Bears’ Nick Foles-Mitch Trubisky quarterback competition on Wednesday.

With training camp officially commencing, both passers are now on the practice field and taking snaps with the offense. That means the battle is officially on to determine who will begin the 2020-21 season as the team’s starter.

Trubisky had been viewed as the team’s inevitable No. 1 quarterback ever since he was famously drafted ahead of Patrick Mahomes in 2017. However, after a terrible showing in 2019, the Bears went out and acquired Foles for a fourth round pick.

Now the quarterback competition is on, with no clear signal either way on who will ultimately come out on top.

On Wednesday, Nagy was asked about how things were going with his passers. The Bears head coach kept things very general.

One way or another, a decision will need to be made regarding who will lead the offense. While the Bears have clearly invested a lot in bringing Trubisky up and developing him over the past three years, he was an absolute track wreck last season. His regression was stunning to see.

Then again, Foles was not exactly setting the world ablaze with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019 either. There is a reason they were so willing to go with Gardner Minshew and cut bait with his massive deal.

It could very well turn out that neither Foles nor Trubisky are good quarterback options for Chicago when it is all said and done.

The next few weeks will be interesting to keep an eye on. For better or worse, someone will separate himself from the pack when it comes to the quarterback position, and that individual will be named starter. Whether that person will actually be able to win games in 2020-21 remains to be seen.

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