Matt Nagy Has A Message For Bears Players, Coaches

Matt Nagy Has A Message For Bears Players, Coaches

A clearly frustrated Matt Nagy exploded on Chicago Bears players and coaches following the team’s latest embarrassing defeat.

On Sunday, Chicago fell 41-25 to the Green Bay Packers. Nagy described the loss as “flat-out embarrassing” and “ridiculous,” before questioning how much pride the people within his organization truly have.

“I know this: We better wake our tails up. Every freaking coach on the staff, every player, better wake up and start understanding where we’re at,” Nagy said.

“Have some personal pride. Have a freaking sense of urgency. Know where we’re at. Have some pride into who we’re playing for and why we do this and then go find a way to win as a team. That’s my challenge to every single person in that building this week is that.

“Yesterday was flat-out embarrassing, and our guys know it,” he continued.

“I’m not telling you something they don’t know. They know it. But we’re going to step up and all coaches, all players, and we’ve got five games left.

“For us, it’s our own personal challenge as to where we’re at and how we’re going to do this thing. But that performance yesterday is ridiculous and can’t happen, and obviously that starts with me.”

Chicago has now dropped five straight games. Although the offense was much worse than the final score would indicate, it was the defense that really let the team down on Sunday. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers finished the game 21-of-29 for 211 yards and four touchdowns on a 132.3 passer rating.

“That’s not who our defense is,” Nagy said.

“And our guys, they need to understand where we’re coming from with that and how we feed off of them as a defense. They’ve done a hell of a job all year long but yesterday was not where we need to be.”

If Nagy’s words reek of desperation, it’s because that’s exactly what is emanating from them. The Bears have a lot of problems, but their issues start at the top. If the franchise wants to change course, it needs to start by getting rid of the inept head coach first and foremost.

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