Maryland Fans Accuse Ohio State Of Cheating

Maryland Fans Accuse Ohio State Of Cheating

Maryland Fans Accuse Ohio State Of Cheating

Maryland fans accused Ohio State of cheating on Sunday.

The Buckeyes ultimately ending up winning 79-72, but it did not come without controversy.

One particular sequence of events featuring Maryland star point guard Anthony Cowan left fans irate.

Late in the outing, Cowan drove to the basket and was clearly fouled in the process. He was knocked to the floor in the process – but it did not matter. No call was made, leaving the senior visibly angry.

Cowan was so angry by what happened that he kicked his foot out.

Although no contact was made on Cowan’s kick with any member of the other squad, the refs weren’t having it. They immediately called an unsportsmanlike tech on him for his actions.

As a result, Cowan fouled out and the Buckeyes were awarded two shots.

Needless to say, Maryland fans were not thrilled by what they saw.

“Nice to see the refs make up for not giving Anthony Cowan an and-one opportunity by giving an absurd technical foul and fouling him out,” one person tweeted out.

“That’s an awful technical assessed on Cowan, who has now fouled out of the game,” another tweeted.

“Kid was understandably frustrated. Should’ve been an and-1.”

“Oh man,” said a third person.

“This technical on Anthony Cowan is an absolute joke. Horrible.”

With the defeat, Maryland fell to 22-5 on the year and Ohio State rose to 18-9.

Given how close we are to the end of the season and NCAA Tournament, every game now matters more than ever. That makes costly mistakes like the one made on Sunday all the more painful for all involved.

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  1. Cowan was not “clearly fouled”. He was trying to get a call from the refs, and he didn’t. The technical was for cursing and trying to kick Kaleb Wesson. Look, as it was pointed out in the broadcast, Cowan leads the Big Ten in FT made, and attempted. So he obviously gets a lot of calls, and most are deserved. He was 0-2 in the 1st half, and 6-7 from the line. I thought he got a couple calls he didn’t deserve. Calls get made all the time without rhyme or reason. You get knocked into the next county.. no call. Barely brushed, or a phantom call.. foul is called. They usually even out. Maryland fans, you have the best team in by far the best conference. In this instance, don’t be crybabies. The Buckeyes played well, and deserved the win.

  2. Sounds like the Maryland fans are throwing a fit just like the point guard Saw the play he actually kicked twice. First one got the OSU player in the back second one almost got him in the head. B10 should be looking into suspension.

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