Malik Monk Suspended, Reinstated By Hornets Over Coke?

Malik Monk Suspended, Reinstated By Hornets Over Coke?

Malik Monk Suspended, Reinstated By Hornets Over Coke?

Was Malik Monk suspended and then subsequently reinstated by the Charlotte Hornets over coke?

That is the question many fans are asking on Monday morning, with the suggestion ultimately trending on Twitter.

To date, there has been zero evidence that Monk was suspended for cocaine.

Unfortunately, that has not stopped people from speculating.

“I knew Malik Monk was suspended but I didn’t know it was for coke,” wrote one Twitter user. “Y’all swear the Knicks should have drafted him tho.”

Another expressed similar sentiments.

“Malik Monk has been battling cocaine addiction and his reinstatement to the NBA today wont change the fact that he’s still going to battle cocaine addiction,” wrote another. “I just hope the dude can find happiness and play the sport he loves now.”

Early this week, Malika Andrews of ESPN reported that “GM Mitch Kupchak says Malik Monk, who was suspended in February for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy, was reinstated during the hiatus.”

Back on February 26, prior to the league shutting down operated due to COVID-19, it was announced that Monk was being suspended due to a violation of the anti-drug policy.

No specific drug was cited at the time, leading many to believe it was marijuana.

However, after Andrews broke the news of Monk’s reinstatement on Monday, fans began to wonder if cocaine was actually at the root of the suspension.

It is important to note that, despite the idea trending on Twitter, there has been zero evidence up to this point that Monk was in fact suspended over cocaine.

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