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Mack Brown Reveals ‘Turning Point’ For North Carolina

Mack Brown Reveals ‘Turning Point’ For North Carolina

Mack Brown experienced something of a career resurgence after coming to North Carolina.

Over the past two years, he has slowly begun building out a truly elite program. This year, the team finished 8-3 and is currently ranked No. 15 in the nation.

This week, he revealed what he believes was a real turning point for his football team.

“Probably the most important thing we’ve done,” Brown said Wednesday.

“I didn’t even realize it at the time. When we were able to flip Sam, being one of it not the top player in this state. Being a leader, a quarterback. He comes in, wins the job and then he’s just had an incredible performance for the two years we’ve been here.

“Since he turned Florida State down and chose us, I think that gave a lot of other players in this state the right to do the same thing.”

Howell wasn’t the only player who flipped for Brown.

“Same with Drake Maye,” he added. “Drake was committed to Alabama. He flipped and came back here, where he should be. This is his school, his state and a lot of people want to follow him.

“Those two quarterbacks being in-state and very high profile has led to some other really good recruits wanting to come.”

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